Bartz gains a warm smile as he moves to unlock the museum’s doors. It was that time of year again, when trainers would be coming in for a badge. The youth felt a tad nervous, but couldn’t deny the sting of excitement.

"Let’s do this!"

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"Goin’ for me but what’s with the jumpiness? Havin’ an off day?"

"Uh, I guess you’d say that! More like an off… year." He pauses, "Have you ever spent so long by yourself that you, ya know… forget how to be around people?"

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the world renowned butt flower, that’s you B)

But that sounds gross! *He pauses— sniffs himself…*

Well, alright.

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[pokes] Don’t be a wallflower, Butz :3

*He gets an indignant pout.*

I’m not bein’ a flower of any kind!! And I’m not a butt, either!!

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OH— it’s just you, Tidus. Kinda scared me there— how’s it goin’?

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*Tucks his arms in close to himself, watching everyone from afar.*

When did I forget how to talk to people…?

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Tentatively, the wanderer carefully puts his letters into a small box, likely to be stacked onto a desk at some point once he and Cloud managed to get some furniture into the home. He sat cross legged, letting out a long exhale and smiling fondly.

"Another quiet year— juuuust how I like it," he chuckled a bit at that, before he rolled onto his knees and crawled to his sleeping bag, ready to pack it in for the night.